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[Guide] A Detailed PPD Guide for Beginers
05-28-2013, 11:45 PM (This post was last modified: 05-28-2013 11:53 PM by NASA.)
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[Guide] A Detailed PPD Guide for Beginers
In This guide I will explane detalied how to use PPD.

Where To Start?

Spoiler :
Well, if you are new to the PPD world, you probably do not have the first clue on where to start the journey. The first thing you need to start making money is to find yourself a “niche”. A “niche” is a category or topic that you are targeting. Examples of saturated (or well-known) niches are Microsoft Points, Riot Points, etc. While you can make some money off of saturated niches, the real money is finding a unique, unsaturated niche. Think of it this way, while people who work in a gold mine are making lots of money, the person who found the mine first is the person who makes the most off that gold mind. The same principal applies to the PPD world as well.

So how do I find niche?

Spoiler :
So the way you find your niche is simple. Think of something someone would want, pertaining to a certain category. For instance, many people think someone would want a game such as Minecraft,Crysis 3 etc. However, to find an unsaturated niche, you have to think deeper. For instance, yes someone would want Crysis 3 for free. But more than that, they would want a hack for Crysis 3. The niche for a hack for Crysis 3 is much less saturated than a free copy of Battlefield 3. Do you see where I am going here? It is that kind of thinking that creates riches, and you need to be the first person to think of things like that if you really want to strike gold!

Finding That Niche!

Spoiler :
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
There is a great tool that I use to find my niches, called a Keyword Tool. There is a Keyworld Tool for Google search engine, Youtube, etc. Because all of my earnings come mostly from YouTube, that is what I am focusing on for this program. The YouTube keyword tool can be found here:

So how do I use it?

Spoiler :
There are a few different ways that this tool can be useful. The first thing is to take a saturated niche and find a more specific niche, where you will make the money. For instance, let’s go to the tool and type in “Minecraft”. After typing that in and clicking “Get Keyword Ideas”, you will find that the term “minecraft” gets over 18,000,000 searches per month. That is a lot, and not where you will make money. Yes, there is money to be made there, but it is very competitive, and definitely not a place to start in the PPD world.
So, let’s try something else and search “Minecraft Gift Codes”. You will see that that this has around 6,000 searches a month, and will be a better place to start. Keep in mind, I am using this as an example only, not a recommendation as a niche. But you can see that a search term with 5,000-30,000 searches per month is much better than 18,000,000+ when you are just getting started! You can also see that if you type in a general term, you will get a nice list of things that branch off from that general term!
By using the method above, you will surely find plenty of niches and places that you can start. Keep in mind that not every niche will make you money, and there is a bit of luck to the process. The one thing required to succeed in PPD and marketing is determination. If you easily give up, this honestly may not be something you should pursue. It takes perseverance and hard work to make money in this field! But if you can put in the hard work, use your brain, and be persistent, you will succeed!

Any other ways to find niches?

Spoiler :
Another way to find niches before they are saturated is to use the "trending" tool on Youtube. You can find the Trending page by going to YouTube, and clicking the "Trending" button on the left menu. It is not the greatest, but sometimes you will find a real gem. For instance, I saw a "DayZ hack" video was trending when it had 2k views after being uploaded for only 4 hours. This allowed me to copy it, make it look better with a better description, and rank my video above them. I made over $900 from that niche over a month span before it died off.
Really, the easiest way to find a less saturated niche is to take a saturated niche, and target a smaller audience. For instance, Crysis 3 is a saturated niche. Very saturated. However, to target a smaller audience inside of that niche would be less saturated. So while giving away a free Battle Field 3 is good, you should target a smaller group of Crysis 3 players. For instance, around 15% of players hack. So offering a Crysis 3 hack for free is a great way to target a saturated niche without competeing with as many people!

So what are the do's?

Spoiler :
- Record your screen, and convince people that what you are giving them works.
- Be very clear when talking on the video. If it is hard to hear you, or annoying, they will close your video.
- Use choice words. Make things sound and look as easy as possible.
- Keep your desktop clear of icons or clutter. You want them listening to you, not looking at all your icons.
- Speak slowly, and do things slowly so they don't have to rewind often and lose track.

So what should I not do?

Spoiler :
- Make a text only video.
- Speak quickly, or use a laptop mic. (Too much background noise)
- Never use the words survey, etc. "Offer" is a good word.
- Never have extra windows open that aren't needed.
- Mention that you make money off of them. Rather say the "offer" is to prove they are human.

What else is important?

Spoiler :
A few key factors that increase the chances of you getting downloads are:
-100-500 likes on the video. Add more if needed. Keep 75% or more likes to dislikes.
- ADD COMMENTS. Get yourself 5-10 YT accounts and add believable, positive comments every day.
- Set comments to approval only, so you can keep the haters off your balls.
- Buy some starter views. Between 5,000-20,000. Buy your views from someone from here on another forum.
Now keep in mind, this person could have done a better job speaking clearly, but the video overall is good, and I am sure has made the person a lot of money.

Spoiler :
- Never give up. Your videos may be removed. Upload them again. It is partially a luck game.
- 1 video per YouTube account. That way if it gets banned, you don't lose all your videos.
- Phone Verify your YouTube accounts. It really helps with avoiding removals/bans.
- The older the account, the better chance you won't be banned/video removed.
- If you use a website, make sure it works and looks nice prior to releasing your video.
- Never put a fileice link in your video description. You will get it removed.
- Find a video in the niche you want to use, copy its keywords and such to get a great rank.
- Periodically add more views (like 5k every couple weeks) to your videos. More traffic = better ranking.

Spoiler :
The following is taken into account when ranking your video in you search terms:
- Keywords used.
- Amount of views and video age (more views/day, the better).
- Age of your YouTube channel.
- Number of subscribers.
- Number of video favorites.
For the best results, use the best keywords possible, buy a decent amount of views to start, use an older channel that has some subs and past video favorites.
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 Thanks given by: seoeymard

05-29-2013, 12:29 AM
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RE: [Guide] A Detailed PPD Guide for Beginers
I'm jealous of people making steady incomes from PPD sites.
There is a lot of hard work to be put into it.
I'm viewing lots of guides to help me and hopefully I can put this one into action.
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05-29-2013, 01:39 AM
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RE: [Guide] A Detailed PPD Guide for Beginers
Goodluck with your success with ppd. Smile

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