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How to make 3D Text in photoshop cs5 (6)[ very easy tut for all ]
05-18-2013, 07:52 PM
Post: #1
How to make 3D Text in photoshop cs5 (6)[ very easy tut for all ]
How to make 3D text [ Very Simple Tutorial To Understand ]

This is a very simple tutorial on how to make a 3D text easily....you just have to follow the given steps & that's it all.....

So let's start -

1. Open a new document in photoshop of 800X600 with a black background in it.

2. Select Horizontal type tool & type any text you want to type.But use white color to get a 3D look...

Spoiler :
[Image: VWEC6.png]

3. Now Duplicate the text layer to do this please check the below image -

Spoiler :
[Image: gF6OC.png]

Now we have three layers -

Spoiler :
[Image: svfvH.png]

4. We will work with the copy layer later so sets it hide now.click on the hide icon to hide the copy layer -

Spoiler :
[Image: O1xeK.png]

5. now select ur text layer ( not copy layer ) .....check image below -

Spoiler :
[Image: M6z5k.png]

Now you have something like this -

Spoiler :
[Image: r1C8r.png]

6. Now apply: Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates
Options: Polar to Rectangular

Now your text looks like that -

Spoiler :
[Image: wcrEH.png]

7. Now go to Image >> Image Rotation >> 90 CW.

Then go to Filter » Stylize » Wind
Method: Wind
Direction: From the left

Now just press CTRL+F about 10 times. this will reapply the wind filter by 10 times.

Now you have something looks like this -

Spoiler :
[Image: WqLRM.png]

8. Now rotate the image again.

Image » Image rotation » 90 CCW.

Then the filter: Filter » Distort » Polar Coordinates
Options: Rectangular to Polar

Now you have something looks like this -

Spoiler :
[Image: ajKD8.png]

9. Now enable the text copy layer that you hide it before ( to enable this click on the eye ) and Change its color to something looks like mine . To do this double click on your copy layer & then set the settings as same like mine -

Spoiler :
[Image: zXfGw.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: WZc2B.png]

10. Final Image -

Spoiler :
[Image: 80QNb.gif]

Hope You Guys Like This Tut.
Good Luck
This Guide is By Rockster Wink and Shared By GHOST#

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