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Full Version: My Journey to $1,000 / day - Achieved $960 in 1 day :D
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Journey to $1,500/day - Worldwide traffic

[Image: gqQ78qt.png]

CPA Targets
[X] Get $10 Daily
[X] Get $50 Daily
[X] Get $75 Daily
[X] Get $100 Daily
[X] Get $150 Daily
[X] Get $200 Daily
[X] Get $300 Daily
[X] Get $500 Daily
[X] Get $600 Daily
[X] Get $750 Daily
[X] Get $900 Daily
[] Get $1000 Daily
[] Get $1500 Daily

Current operating at an average of: $150/day

Short Term CPA GOALS
[] Make 5 new niches
[] Stay ahead of the google algorithm

Plan - how i will be making money
1. Setting Up niches
2. Making sure all are HQ
3. YT optimization
4. SEO optimization

Networks I am on
-I use most networks, i split test all of them to find the best responding ones for my traffic

Exploring new methods to earn

Spoiler: Earnings
2013 Earnings: 30,000

January 2014 - 2,400
February 2014 - 2,600
March 2014 - 3,100
April 2014 - 12,000
May 2014 - 8,500
*few things got taken down*
June 2014 - 1,900 so far

Best Day
[Image: Y635cTL.png]

Chart for best month for my top network
[Image: NB36n6v.png]

Referral Program is now live
My Ultimate referal program and giveback - earn $500+ / day
Congratulations mate, I can't even start earning anything =3
Well done, that's some decent cash flow. How many websites/blogs do you have now to be getting that kind of income ? do you make just off referrals or ads too ? thanks
Congratulations, this is a very good earnings.
150$ in one day- very good job
I will definitely check your CPA sites you use, maybe I find something for myself
Well, ladies and gentlemen this is what you do to earn money. Not sit on your ass all day and then say 'Why am I poor'.
A huge congrats to you! I commend you on your hard work. I wish you luck.
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