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Full Version: Skryptec's Skype Tool [RELEASE 1.3] Skype Crasher, Avatar Grabber & More!
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Hello everyone,

I made this tool around 8 months ago, but whatever I will just share it here.
If you don't trust it, just decompile it, it used the Skype API everyone else is using and it is nothing special.

This has been coded in VB.NET, sorry for the floppy code if you decompile it.

So finally after a few hours work and experimenting, I have finished my Skype tool!
It has been designed for TeamS, but has been released pubicly.
The Skype tool has many features and there are a lot of features still being added!
The tool has also a check for updates button, so you can always stay up to date! Smile

[Image: stb5TCZ.png]
[Image: dWAXnnn.png]
[Image: jqyQN11.png]
[Image: 4reDRzy.png]

http://skryptec.pw/products/Skryptec's Skype Tool.rar
Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/247f1...458417654/

Make sure to leave both .dll's in the same folder as the .exe otherwise it will NOT work!

Enjoy and have fun! Heart

Much love,

- Skryptec

[Image: 5b70e08dce6fa895dd0e9a29eed64132.png]
Nice work, good to see some quality posting with original work not a re-post.
actually quite interesting, will take a look Big Grin
You should sell this, for many programs like this are being sold but are shit.
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